Point of contact Integration gaps in the selected facilities in the three countries
Antenatal care (ANC)
  • PPFP promotion is not performed.
  • Nutritional counselling for pregnant women is not sufficient.
Postnatal care
  • BCG and Polio 0 are not offered immediately postpartum.
  • The promotion of family planning is not systematic.
  • The availability of contraceptive methods in the immediate postpartum period is highly insufficient.
  • The supply of the means of contraception (e.g., intrauterine device (IUDs)) is not always reliable.
  • Nutritional counselling for postnatal women (maternal nutrition and exclusive breastfeeding [EBF]) is not systematic.
Growth monitoring
  • Healthy infant consultation is focused only on the child; the mother's nutritional status is not considered.
  • The inadequate provision of family planning services (counselling and/or methods).
  • Insufficient nutritional counselling for the child.
  • Absence of services for the management of malnutrition in rural or urban health centres (in Cote d'Ivoire).
  • Limited availability of immunisation in rural health centres.
  • PPFP services (counselling or methods) are not offered to mothers.
  • No other services are offered to the mother and child.