Stakeholder (Organization) Category/Role Contribution
Scottish Government International development partner/ facilitator/ funder
  • main funder of policy development. Total MalDent Project grant: ¬£1.3 million GBP ($1.5m USD)
  • partial funding PhD student
University of Glasgow Academic/facilitator
  • obtained funding to finance policy development through a Scottish Government grant for an oral health joint project with the University of Malawi College of Medicine
  • advised on situational analysis
  • facilitatory role in bringing together different groups to progress the policy development.
  • supervision of PhD student
  • worked with the World Health Organisation, Malawi Ministry of Health and the University of Malawi College of Medicine to establish the national workshop on oral health policy in February 2020
  • University of Glasgow had two representatives on the Oral Health Policy Task Force: the Head and Deputy Head of the Dental School
  • University of Glasgow Dental School Head co-chaired the Task Force with the Ministry of Health Head of the Non-communicable Disease portfolio.
World Health Organization International development partner/ technical advisor
  • provided technical support for Malawi to develop and implement oral health strategy in line with the Regional Oral Health Strategy
  • guidance incorporating global issues in policy
  • include essential oral health service into Malawi essential health service package
  • capacitate CDOs and dental officers to develop/implement oral health policy
  • support surveillance integrating oral health into existing surveillance systems
  • African countries first to have a regional oral health strategy
  • the regional oral health office provided documents and guidelines which were helpful in integrating oral health with NCDs and structuring uniform services nationally
University of Malawi College of Medicine (now Kamuzu University of Health Sciences) Academics
  • capacity building
  • coordinating oral health policy task force meetings
Ministry of Health Policy custodian/ technical advisor
  • policy experts, dental professionals delivering service in district and central hospitals
  • initial Concept Paper draft
  • data and information for situation analysis
  • guideline for Malawi policy development
  • Ministry of Health coordinates different specialties writing the policy
Dental Association of Malawi CSO
  • representation of interests of oral health professionals
Malawi Office of the President and Cabinet Advisor
  • policy guidance and approval
Ministry of Forestry and Natural Resources Advisor
  • inform research and policy on fluoride issues in water for Malawi population
Strathclyde University Academic
  • research on fluoride levels in Malawi water
Glasgow School of Art Academic
  • designing new dental school building in Blantyre
Borrow Foundation Funder
  • main financial support for research and PhD student creating an oral health improvement strategy for children in Malawi.
Local authorities (District and Community leaders)  Consultancy
  • dental therapists and patient experiences at district level. Contributed data for epi-survey and situational analysis
Non-Governmental organizations CSO
  • input on situational analysis of hard-to-reach areas where they deliver services