Continuum level Description
  • Formal processes, capabilities, experience, or understanding of data use issues/activities are limited or emerging.
  • Formal processes are not documented, and functional capabilities are at the development stage.
  • Success depends on individual effort (few committed users).
  • Predominantly paper-based data management system.
  • Basic processes are in place, based on previous activities or existing and accessible policies.
  • The need for standardized processes and automated functional capabilities is known.
  • There are efforts to document current processes and policies, and capacity building needs.
  • There are approved documented processes and guidelines tailored to data use.
  • There is increased collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • The need for external technical assistance is clearly identified.
  • Innovative methods and tools can be implemented and used to extend functional capabilities.
  • Activities are under control using established processes.
  • Requirements and goals have been developed and a feedback process is in place to ensure that they are met.
  • Detailed measures for processes and products are being collected.
  • Best practices are being applied, and people and the system are capable of learning and adapting.
  • The system uses experiences and feedback to correct problems and continuously improve processes and capabilities.
  • Future challenges are anticipated, and a plan is in place to address them through innovation and new technology.
  • Processes are in place to ensure review and incorporation of relevant innovation.