First Author, Year Design Setting/Country Population Intervention Outcomes Follow-up Duration
Balán et al, 2019[@97847] Cross- sectional pilot study New York, USA Men, transgender women- men who have sex with men SMARTtest: A Smartphone App to Facilitate HIV and Syphilis Self and Partner‑Testing, Interpretation of Results, and Linkage to Care App assisted use of the HIVST kits provided self-reported test results NA
Tun et al, 2018 [@97864] Cohort study Lagos, Nigeria men who have sex with men, (17-59) years Using key opinion leaders to reach men who have sex with men with HIVST kits Use of the HIVST kits provided and their experience 3 months
Sibanda et al, 2019[@97866] Discrete Choice Experiment 2 rural districts, Zimbabwe Men and women ≥16 years old (mean age 37.10) Door-to-door HIVST kits distribution by community volunteers Method of HIVST kits distribution preferences. NA
Phanuphak et al, 2019[@97865] Cohort study Bangkok Metropolitan Thailand men who have sex with men and transgender workers Online, supervised, HIV self-testing. HIV testing preference and experience, linkage to care 12 months
Shapiro et al, 2020[@97855] RCT Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa Adult men Median Age (28) Lay counsellors distributed HIVST kits, conducted a live demonstration of how to use and interpret both test kits, and provided cell-phone videos demonstrating kit use, Reported HIVST, linkage to care 3 months
MacPherson et al, 2014[@97862] RCT Blantyre, Malawi Adult male and female (16 years and above) Optional Home Initiation of HIV Care Following HIV Self-testing Cumulative incidence of ART initiation, accepting HIV self-testing kit, reporting a positive HIV self-test result to counsellors 6 months
Korte et al, 2020[@97857] RCT Peri urban Hospitals Uganda Male partners of women attending ANC. Age (yr), mean (25.2) provided women with education and up to 4 HIVST kits to deliver to their male partners and other adults in the household. Woman’s self-report of male partner HIV testing, man’s self-report, and measure combining self-report from both partners 3 months
Zhong et al, 2017[@97863] Cross-sectional survey Guangzhou, China males 18 years men who have sex with men Social-Entrepreneurship Model to Promote HIV Self-testing and linkage to care among men who have sex with men Prevalence of HIVS kits use, linkage to care frequency 1 month
Pai et al, 2018[@97846] Cross-sectional study Montreal, Canada 18 years or older, self-identified as men who have sex with men Unsupervised Smart App–Optimized HIV Self-Testing Program self-test conduct; self-test interpretation; and linkages to care NA
Choko et al, 2015[@97856] RCT Blantyre, Malawi Adults (>16 y old) residents comparing health outcomes between 14 clusters randomised to HIVST and 14 clusters randomised to routine (facility-based) HTC Uptake of testing, accuracy, linkage into care, 2 years
Chanda et al, 2017[@97858] RCT Kapiri Mposhi, Chirundu, and Livingstone, Zambia 18 years of age or older men who have sex with men Peer educators distributed 2 HIV self-test kits plus instructions on its use Actual use of the HIV self-tests, self-report their HIV status at the 4-month visit. 4 months
Ortblad et al, 2017[@97859] RCT Kampala, Uganda, 18 years or older, FSWs Direct provision, facility collection of HIV self-tests versus standard of care intimate partner violence (IPV), HIV self-test use and linkage to care 4 months
Choko et al, 2019[@97860] RCT Blantyre, Malawi women attending antenatal care HIV self-testing alone or with additional interventions, including financial incentives and linkage to care Proportion of male partners who tested for HIV and linked into care 1 month
Zhang et al, 2019[@97861] Pragmatic trial China Men who have sex with men HIV Self-Testing Programs to men who have sex with men delivered by Social Media Key Opinion Leaders and Community-Based Organizations Number of HIVST respondents recruited by each investigator in SMKOL-strategy and CBO strategy 1 year