Study Setting Intervention Model* Duration (months) Study population Study design Outcomes
C, Chu (2011) Primary care centre in the Bronx, New York, USA Screening and treatment for HTN and DM offered to PLWH 1 N/A PLWH, N=854 Of these, n=223 had comorbid HTN and n=108 had DM Cross-sectional
  • Prevalence of HTN and DM was 26% and 13% respectively
  • 90% of PLWH and hypertension met ADA target for BP
  • 59% of PLWH and DM met ADA target for HbA1c
  • Adherence to medication and viral suppression were not reported
Muddu, M (2019) Primary health centre in Eastern Uganda Screening and treatment of HTN among PLWH 1 12 PLWH N=1649 Of these,465 were screened for HTN, n=218 had comorbid HTN Respective cohort
  • Among those screened, 47.8% had HTN
  • Among 1649, 98.5% were initiated on ART, 70.7% were retained into care, and 90.3% were suppressed
  • Of the 1431 patients with HIV alone, 1408 (98.4%) were initiated on ART, 1005 (71.4%) were retained in care, 100% of these were monitored and 906 (90.2%) were controlled
  • Among PLWH with HTN, 99.5% were initiated on ART, 65.9% were retained, 91.6% were suppressed and 24.3% had controlled BP. HIV outcomes were similar among PLWH with HTN and without HTN
Myerson, M (2014) Tertiary centre, The Spencer Cox Center for Health Care, New York, USA Screening and treatment of HTN among PLWH 1 N/A 4278 PLWH, of which 1840 had HTN Cross-sectional
  • 88% on ART; 67% with suppressed VL (viral load less than 200 copies/mL)
  • Among 3906 with documented recent CD4, mean CD4 was 468 cells /µL
  • Prevalence of HTN was 43%
  • Of the PLWH with HTN, 75% were being treated; and 57% had controlled BP
  • No data reported on retention in care and adherence due to cross-sectional nature of the study
Janssens, B (2007) Provincial referral hospital, Cambodia ART treatment and care, DM treatment and care 3 24 HIV+, n=4793 DM only =2638 HTN only=1419 No HIV+DM or HIV+HTN Prospective cohort
  • 87.7% of HIV-infected were retained, 9.3% died and 3% lost to follow up
  • Median CD4 count rose from 53 to 316 cells/µL
  • 29 % lost to follow up
  • Median HbA1c fell from 11.5% to 8.6%, 57% had HbA1c ≤ 9%
  • 68% of HTN had BP ≤160/90 after 6 months of regular treatment
  • Adherence and viral suppression rates were not reported
Khabala, K (2015) Primary care center, in urban informal settlement Kiberia, Kenya Integrated ART and chronic disease care offered to people with DM, HTN and PLWH through MACs 3 12 Total of 1432 were enrolled in MACs PLWH n= 1020, People with HTN n = 352, People with DM = 60, 12 were PLWH and HTN Retrospective cohort study
  • Loss to follow up was 3.5% overall
  • High compliance to medical check-ups (99%)
  • Markers of control of HIV and HTN or DM after follow-up were not reported
Kwarisiima, D (2019) Primary care centre in rural Uganda Screening and treatment for HIV, HTN and DM 3 36 34704 were screened: 2071 were PLWH 199 had HTN and only 89 were linked to care at base line. 32,633 were HIV negative, of these 4355 had HTN and 1949 were linked to care at base line Prospective cohort
  • 48% of visits had controlled BP among PLWH in the entire follow up period
  • 46% of visits had controlled BP among people not living with HIV
  • HIV-infected patients were more likely than uninfected patients to have controlled blood pressure at follow-up visits (aOR 1.28; 95% CI 1.00–1.77)
  • NCD care was interrupted with significant hypertension drug stock outs
  • HIV related outcomes were not reported
Ameh, S (2017) Primary care centres in rural South Africa Integrated management of DM, HIV and HTN 3 30 435 in intervention facilities, HTN-210, PLWH -141 and 443 in control facilities HTN-91, PLWH-282 Controlled interrupted time series design
  • Patients at intervention facilities had 6% greater likelihood of CD4 >350 cells/µL than comparison facilities (coefficient = 0.057; 95% CI: 0.056 to 0.058; P < 0.001)
  • Patients at pilot facilities had 1.0% greater likelihood of controlled BP (coefficient = 0.010; 95% CI: 0.003 to 0.016; P = 0.002)
  • Viral suppression, retention to care and loss to follow up were not reported
Edwards, J (2015) Primary care center, in urban informal settlement Kiberia, Kenya ART treatment, NCD screening, treatment and care 3 30 HIV with HTN n=200 HIV with DM n=10 HTN only n=1697 DM only n=299 Prospective cohort
  • For PLWH and HTN, median systolic blood pressure (SBP) and interquartile range (IQR) reduced from 151 (136-164) mmHg to 143 (129-159) mmHg while diastolic blood pressure (DBP) and IQR, reduced from 97 (86-105) mmHg to 85 (74-95) mmHg.
  • For PLWH and DM, mean HbA1c at last visit was 8.2% whereas among those with DM only mean HbA1c was 8.8%
  • For those with HTN only, median SBP(IQR) reduced from 160 (144–177) mmHg to 141 (129–158) mmHg while DP(IQR) reduced from 100 (90–110) mmHg to 87 (75–95) mmHg.
  • HIV outcomes were not reported
Bury, E (2007) Tertiary center, HIV specialist clinic USA- Oklahoma ART, Diabetes treatment in both arms, Adherence counselling in one arm 4 24 PLWH with DM n=40 Retrospective cohort
  • Less than 50% attained ADA guidelines for HbA1c
  • Glycemic control was similar to findings in HIV-uninfected population
  • HIV outcomes were not reported
Noble, G (2012) Secondary centre, HTN clinic, Birmingham,UK Treatment for HTN offered to PLWH and HTN 4 N/A PLWH plus hypertension, n=36 Cross-sectional
  • 85% new or known hypertensive
  • 63% had controlled BP
  • Average decrease in 10-year cardiovascular risk was 39% (range 8% to 74%).
  • All patients rated the clinic as good or great on all aspects and were happy with the care received.
  • HIV related outcomes were not reported
Oluwatoyin, A (2009) Primary care center in urban USA-Chicago ART and Diabetes treatment and care to PLWH 4 12 PLWH and DM N=216 Respective cohort
  • Baseline CD4 count was 516 cells/µL+/-314 cells/µL
  • 72% had baseline viral load < 75 cells /mL
  • No HIV outcomes reported at the end of follow up
  • Mean HbA1c at baseline = 7.3% +/- 1.9 %
  • 54% had HbA1c < 7%, and 72% had HbA1c < 8% at end of follow up
  • Rates of glycemic control were similar to results among HIV-uninfected population (30%-44%)
  • Mean SBP at baseline was 131 +/-17 mmHg,
  • Mean DBP at baseline was 79 +/-10 mmHg
  • 56% met ADA blood pressure goals at end of follow up