Level Component Evaluation indicators
  • Publications
Publication output: publication quantity (number of articles), quality (journal impact factor), and impact (citations, webpage visits).
  • Recognition of research leadership
Awards received, invitations as speaker/plenary member
  • Career trajectory
Number of research projects engaged in, number of grants for new projects received, number of new collaborations.
  • Trainings
Trainings: numbers, participation rates
  • Establishing research environment
Availability of research related strategies and policies (e.g.: Finance, IRB, Human Resources)
Improved ICT facilities in the University, dedicated research laboratories and their accreditation, developing a biobank, open access to Elsevier and Springer journals, indexation of University’s journals in international medical indexes.
  • Research impact and user engagement
Community impact of research and research influenced policies: number of dissemination/ workshops/ press releases/ policy briefs.