Old nursery New nursery
Staffing There was no specific nurse allocated to the ward; reliance was mainly on a general postnatal nurse. Seven nurses allocated to the neonatal department, including one registered Nurse Midwife.
No designated team of clinicians in the nursery, but sporadic rounds with COs. CO assigned to do ward rounds twice a day. During a night shift, the CO on duty was responsible for the delivery ward and the nursery.
One nurse assigned to the day shift and another for the night. Four nurses are assigned for the day shift, and two cover the night shift.
Non-trained staff in neonatal care used to take care of neonates. All staff attended basic neonatal care training.
Space 2.5 by 3 metres room accommodating nine neonatal beds. No isolation. Extensive spaced facility with separate KMC (6-bed capacity), HDU (18-bed capacity), isolation department (4-bed capacity), and low-risk area (8 beds and six mattresses for mothers)
No separation for admissions from home and from within the facility (labour ward) All the nursery units separate from each other and not shared with the labour ward.
Equipment One CPAP machine, one radiant warmer; no resuscitation machine and inadequate essential resources. Three CPAP machines, three big oxygen concentrators, three radiant warmers and resuscitation machines with adequate nasal prongs.
Relied on general system electricity, backup mostly unreliable Sustainable solar electricity backup