Age of baby Question Yes No
A few weeks old Does your baby open his/her eyes or blink when there is a noise?
Does your baby appear to be listening to you when you talk or sing?
About 6 months Does your baby try to see where the noise is coming from by turning his/her eyes or head towards the sound?
Does your baby enjoy you talking to him/her?
About 9 months Does your baby appear to respond to even very soft sounds?
Does your baby enjoy babbling and making other sounds?
About 1 year Does your baby respond when you say his/her name and the name of the things they play with?
Is your baby starting to say baby words?
About 18 months Does your baby pick up or point to things around the house when you ask them to do this?
Is your baby starting to use simple words?
2 years old Do you think your baby can hear normally even when you speak to him/her in a very soft voice?
Is your baby putting words together and trying to talk to you?