Interview questions*
1. Do you limit access into the laboratory for personnel that don’t have the pre-exposure immunization?
2. What do you use to clean up spills or messes in the lab?
3. What type of liquid soap are you using for cleaning?
4. How long is the contact time of the disinfectant on the surfaces?
5. How do you clean/sterilize the tools after use?
6. How do you store the head after removal?
Observation corresponding to interview questions
1. Access was limited to the laboratory for only people who have pre-exposure prophylaxis for rabies
2. Paper towels were used to clean messes in the lab while wearing clean gloves
3. Liquid soap was used for cleaning
4. Disinfectant had a contact time of at least 10 mins on smooth surfaces, with no holes, cracks, or areas where pathogens could remain after cleaning
5. Tools were autoclaved or boiled after use
6. The laboratory properly stored the head or carcass on ice packs in a fridge until the sample was taken