% self-reporting doing it “always” Direct practices / assessments items Verbal assessment items
≥ 90 Measures weight
Performs a breast exam, takes blood pressure
Measures woman uterine height, checks tetanus toxoid status
Assesses number of previous pregnancies
Assesses if sleeping under bed net
Asks age and uptake of iron and folic acid supplements
70 - 89 Measures height & arm circumference
Assesses blood pressure, checks for anaemia signs (e.g. pale hand palm/ inner eyelids)
Checks immunization status
Listens fœtal heartbeat, checks for oedema
Collects urine
Measures woman temperature
Takes a blood sample
Asks outcome of last pregnancy & if tested for HIV/AIDS
Asks the date of last tetanus toxoid injection
Asks if taking malaria prophylaxis
50 - 69 Asks HIV/AIDS status
Asks the uptake of deworming
Asks about appetite
30 - 49 Asks about daily workload
Inquires about breastfeeding plan
Asks about eating habits
Asks if use iodized salt
< 30 Asks about resting and sleeping habits
Asks about night blindness