% of health facilities General material and equipment Nutritional supplements Educational material by topic
≥ 90 Seats for clients
Mid-upper arm circumference tape (MUAC)
Foetal heartbeat listening device
Blood pressure apparatus & Stethoscope
Vaccination kit including ice packs
Examination table
Disposable needles
Soap for handwashing
Prenatal health cards
ANC and family planning registers
Obstetric delivery table
Height board for adult
Child health cards
Vitamin A capsules (100 UI)
Iron and folic acid supplements
Vitamin A capsules (200 UI)
Parasite control prophylaxis
Family planning
70 - 89 Impregnated bednets
Lab equipment for urine analysis
Iron deficiency
Vitamin A deficiency
General nutrition during pregnancy
50 - 69 Ambulance, Motorcycle Micronutrient powder
Malaria prophylaxis (e.g. Fansidar)
Vitamin A deficiency
General nutrition
Zinc deficiency
Young child complementary feeding
30 - 49 Vehicle
Lab equipment for blood analysis
Sterilized needles
Fortified corn soya bean-based cereals (CBS/CBS+) Iodine deficiency
< 30 Bicycle Protein-energy supplement
Calcium supplement
Others (e.g. tuberculosis, malaria, monitoring/importance of ANC)