Age Specialty Quote
37 Pulmonology “OSA prevalence in India is much more than what is reported. Many times, doctors forget to ask symptoms of OSA which can be very useful in diagnosing.”
37 Endocrinology “I would say OSA prevalence in India is about 20% and underdiagnosed, because we are not using any of the screening tests like STOP-BANG or something like that and only by using that we will pick up more patients.”
63 Neurology “It is definitely underdiagnosed and undertreated because quite a lot of people do not even ask them about their sleep patterns, and the patients are not aware of it, and physicians are not really aware of it either. Every person, for example, in the United States we had a questionnaire that the patients had to fill out about their sleep and then we can send for a sleep study if high risk and here there is no protocol like that at all.”
35 General Medicine “It is quite prevalent. I think around 15-20%, and many patients are unaware that they have it, because they think snoring is just a normal part of sleeping.”
41 Neurology “OSA is underdiagnosed because patients don’t go to the doctor, and even the majority of specialists don’t think about OSA as a risk factor.”
30 Emergency Medicine “OSA prevalence is quite high and underdiagnosed, because physicians are often mixing it up with something else.”
60 Neurosurgery “OSA is quite frequent and undiagnosed because just the awareness of sleep apnea is not there. People think they are sleeping very well, because they are snoring, and because the symptoms are very nonspecific, so people don’t think that they have a problem, so therefore, I’m certain it is underdiagnosed.”
30 Emergency Medicine “There are very rich misconceptions that those that have a short neck or those that are obese are the only patients who are predisposed for OSA, but it is not like that; it depends on the anatomic features as well, so knowledge among the physicians themselves is one of the reasons for underdiagnosis for OSA.”
48 Obstetrics & Gynecology “My set of patients usually don’t have OSA because most of our patients are women and most of our patients are young, so I really don’t come across this that much, like the snoring and all that is hardly there in my patient population.”
43 Neurosurgery “We won’t look at OSA or stress it as much as diabetes or hypertension. We don’t specifically see OSA as a comorbidity.”
Not reported Cardiac Surgery “We are actually unaware, but when we suspect it, we refer them.”
33 Speech Pathology “I can’t comment on my perception of the prevalence in India, because it is not my area of specialization.”
64 Urology “For OSA, I don’t get patients because my specialty is something different, and I don’t ask questions to my patients about this. If my patients have symptoms related to sleep, then I refer to an ENT surgeon or pulmonologist. I don’t directly handle these patients, and I don’t diagnose, and I don’t ask for this condition.”