Initial codes Axial coding Selective coding
ART makes you the same as people who are negative Necessity of ART Medication Importance
ART is health
ART allows a normal healthy life
Patients die without ART
Traditional or herbal medicines Perceived alternative treatments to ART
Patients health worsens when taking alternative medicines
3 hour rule Avoid skipping a dose
Take ART even when late
Side effects experienced Side effects Medication Concerns
Unable to adhere due to side effects
Able to overcome side effects
Body unable to cope with ART for a long time Worries about long-term effects of ART
Worry about liver being affected
Worry about kidneys being affected
Too many pills Pill burden
Number of pills that should be taken
Unable to adhere due to the many pills
Able to adhere in spite of too many pills
ART needs to be improved Desire for a longer lasting treatment regime
Rumors of HIV cures in other countries
HIV cure needs to be invented
Worry about ART interacting with other medication Concerns about possible drug interactions
ART is the most important medication
Must take ART with food Perceived need for food
Must take ART with certain types of food
Do not want people to know your status Desire to avoid perceived stigma
Stigma and discrimination