Adoption systems Health systems access Context and cultural norms
Smartphone usage Infrastructure Supply Healthcare system Stigma Competing priorities
Enablers Refugee population use smartphones as a way of connectedness with their families in other countries. MoH is willing to invest in digital health solutions. Refugee population is entitled to free healthcare under National Insurance Scheme Turkey’s ‘Transformation of Health’ Program aims to increase usage digital interventions in the health system. HERA is aligned with country’s health priorities. Literacy was high in prewar Syria. Similar culture between countries.
Barriers Internet access is needed for current app version, which is an extra cost to user. There aren’t any similar apps, even in the for-profit sector in Turkey. Though sparse, local resistance of authorities to free utilization still exists. Agility is low due to rapid changing political context and changing priorities of MoH leadership. Hard to promote services available to refugees without being criticized Language is different.
Turkey’s data privacy and mobile app regulations are still not sufficient. Turkey’s refugee response is majorly funded by EU which is finite.