Model 1 Model 2 Model 3 Model 4
Region*and Socio-demographic Region*and Socio-demographicᵖ Region*and Socio-demographic and attitudeᵖ Region*and Socio-demographic and attitude and Complianceᵖ
Place of residence Attitude towards Covid-19 Compliance during lockdown during Covid -19 Covid-19 risk perception$
Age in years Self-Isolation Attended crowded religious events Risk of becoming infected
Sex Home quarantined due to Covid-19 Wore mask when going out Risk of becoming severely infected
Marital Status Practiced regular Hand washing Risk of dying from the infection
Highest level of Education How much worried are you about COVID-19
Employment status How likely do you think Covid-19 will continue in your country
Religion Concern for self and family if COVID-19 continues
Number living together