Global Health learning outcome UMCG-SEHOS program feature
Global Burden of Disease Infectious diseases: endemic area for emerging viruses like Zika and Chikungunya; related health care challenges. Non-communicable diseases: high prevalence of diabetes, obesity, and hypertension. Impact of high prevalence of end-stage renal disease.
Socioeconomic and environmental determinants of health Impact of local social and economic disparity on healthcare awareness and disease prevalence (in comparison to the Netherlands).
Global Health Governance Public Health rotation program for interns includes a weeklong orientation course on local healthcare organization (including the role of PAHO/WHO). Participation during rotations in projects focusing on effective infectious disease management within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
Health Systems Aging population with limited resources; cost effectiveness and required reliance on basic clinical skills and principles and less on supporting techniques (e.g. radiology and laboratory determinations). Evaluation by students of professional practice of individual medical specialists.
Human rights and ethics Vulnerable groups, immigrants and uninsured patients are daily treated
Cultural diversity and health Complete immersion of the intern in a non-Dutch society with clear effects of culture on patient behaviour.
Communication Making effective use of the local native language in order to effectively communicate with patient and other professionals on a daily basis. Patients with different ethnic, religious and social background.