Domain Theme Examples of the issue in reports include:
Domain 1. Issues related to illicit uses Abuse and Dependency - all use of key terms in reference to illicit use from licit or illicit narcotic formulations;
- dependency treatments (eg, opioid substitution therapy);
- recreational/criminal use of narcotics; and
- ‘overuse’ of pharmaceutical formulations.
Illegal Drug Trade - references to illicit production and trade of narcotics; and
- diversion of narcotics from licit channels to illicit.
Domain 2. Issues related to both illicit and therapeutic uses Policy, Enforcement, Definitions and Context - all references to international and national drug control agencies;
- policies and mechanisms of enforcement;
- definitions of narcotics, eg, cannabis defined as a ‘narcotic’; and
- any relevant historical context.
Domain 3. Issues related to therapeutic uses Access to opioids for a therapeutic use - all usage of keywords relevant to access, barriers, patterns of use of therapeutic opioids;
- lack of availability of opioids for clinical purposes; and
- any non-specific references to unmet clinical need.
- all references to clinical need and treatments for specific clinical problems such as pain.
Estimates of licit need, use and related topics - all references to keywords in relations to the system of the ‘Estimates System’, whereby governments must submit estimated annual requirements for opioids for clinical purposes to the INCB; and
- licit manufacture and distribution of opioids.