Code Example quote
Intent to appropriately restrict access to narcotics for illicit use “In response to the opioid crisis, the Minister of Health of Canada announced a series of measures to address the pharmaceutical industry’s opioid marketing practices, including severely restricting most forms of prescription opioid marketing [INCB, p60, 2018]”.[@24635]
Intent to appropriately enable access to narcotics for a therapeutic use “In its annual report, the Board has consistently addressed the issue of making opiates available for medical needs, urging Governments to critically examine their methods of assessing domestic medical needs for opiates and to take the steps necessary to remove impediments to the adequate availability of those drugs for medical and scientific purposes [INCB, p15, 2008].”[@24636]
Intent to appropriately enable and restrict access to narcotics “It’s (The Single Convention on Narcotics 1961) aim, as with the previous treaties, was to ensure the provision of adequate supplies of narcotic drugs to be used for medical and scientific purposes, to prohibit all non-medical consumption of such drugs and to prevent the diversion of such drugs into the illicit market [INCB, p2, 2008].”[@24636]
Descriptive illicit “Although the illicit traffic in opiates constitutes the most serious threat, the situation in regard to coca leaf and cannabis continues to be grave [INCB, p14, 1968].”[@24637]
Descriptive medical “Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances should be used in conformity with sound medical practices [INCB, p5, 1998].”[@24638]
Descriptive making no distinction between illicit and clinical use “For the purposes of this study, the word "opiates" means opium alkaloids and poppy straw and their derivatives which are subject to international narcotics control [INCB, p3, 1978].”[@24639]