Guideline Year of publication Recommendation
NICE[@26236; @26237] 2016 Ultrasound screening every 6 months for adults with cirrhosis
Ultrasound screening every 6 months with alpha-fetoprotein measurement for adults with chronic hepatitis B
AASLD[@26238] 2018 Ultrasound with or without AFP every 6 months
ACR[@26239] 2017 Ultrasound recommended except in subgroups with technical limitations where CT or MRI is recommended (eg, obesity, fatty liver, nodular cirrhotic liver)
APASL[@26240] 2017 Ultrasound and AFP every 6 months
AFP alone not recommended
EASL[@26241] 2018 Ultrasound every 6 months
No recommendation for AFP
JSH[@26242] 2014 Extremely high-risk patients: ultrasound every 3-4 months, AFP every 3-4 months, Computed tomography/magnetic resonance imaging (optional) every 6-12 months
High risk: ultrasound and AFP every 6 months
LAASL[@26243] 2014 In cirrhotic patients ultrasound should be performed every 6 months If quality ultrasound is not available, AFP level may be considered as a biomarker