Codes Category Theme
Increased demand during pregnancy Reason for nutrition Maternal nutrition knowledge of midwives
Eat the different food groups Diet composition
Nutrient rich dietary sources Frequency of meals
Foods rich in calcium
Variety on the plate
Eat 4-5 times a day
Have three food groups at ago
Use locally available foods Locally available foods Maternal nutrition knowledge of midwives
Women to eat what you can afford
Mixing the foods available
Wash hands before food and after toilet Food handling
Store food in clean container Food hygiene
Prepare food in a clean environment Food preparation
Wash all fruits with plenty of water Breast feeding and importance of breast feeding
Use little cooking oil
Breast feed exclusively for six months and continue up to two years
Importance of breast feeding to the baby and mother
Capable of giving information
Can deliver the information
Am not well versed with the information Ability to provide nutrition education Confidence of the midwives
Uncertainty about educating women