Interview Number Sociodemographic Characteristics
Interview 1 Age: 56 years , single, Double trained, nurse midwife, started as Enrolled Midwifery, upgraded to Registered Midwife, training in Management
Received extensive training in nutrition ;specifically Integrated Management of Acute Malnutrition(IMAM) trainer of trainees, International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) trainer
20 years of experience as a midwife
Six years in antenatal care
Interview 2 Age: 45 years, married, Bachelor trained midwife, started as a diploma midwife. Has training in management worked in midwifery
5 years of experience in antenatal care
Interview 3 Age: 35 years old, married, Enrolled midwife with a certificate training
Has not received any in-service training in nutrition except preservice training
10 years of experience in antenatal care
Interview 4 Age: 47 years, married, Registered Midwife with a diploma
Training in nutrition was related to breastfeeding in HIV positive mother
7 years of experience in Antenatal care
Interview 5 Age: 43 years, single, Registered Midwife with a Diploma
Received in service training on nutrition in HIV children , breastfeeding in HIV
Has worked in Antenatal Clinic for 13 years
Interview 6 Age: 40 years, married, Registered midwife with a Diploma
Only received pre-service training in nutrition
Has worked in antenatal for 7 years