Criterion Inclusion Exclusion
Types of participants:
Population and sample 1. Students in a secondary public or private schools Studies focused on teachers and/or school administrators and program managers only
2. Parents of the students
Age of participants 12-19 years old
Literature focus 1. Original research and/or scientific papers where themes relate to school-based condom availability and distribution. Community-based implementation of condom availability and distribution
2. Key factors influencing enablers and deterrents of condom distribution in schools.
Time Period 1985 to 2016
Language English
Type of article Original research and/or scientific papers published in a peer-reviewed journals (with retrievable full-text) 1. Articles that are editorials, research summary, discussion, policy reviews or personal viewpoints.
2. Articles that are abstract only and/or no retrievable full-text
Ethics Clearance Studies with ethics approval