Satisfaction with HUMBA involvement Exemplar quotes from questions
No difficulties “It was fine, not hard at all, happy with it, worked at the local hospital therefore easy to slot in appointments”
Time suitable to participants “It was great, worked around me on my days off”
Enjoyment “Communication with the midwives and helpers in the HUMBA study had been very nice and helpful and overall enjoyable dealing with them, ladies made me feel good”
Felt good “Enjoyed the study, made me more motivated to be healthy in pregnancy”
Motivated “More aware of what to do with portion sizes”
Helpful communication
Challenges “Full house and time constraints, busy mums, life is busy, always busy, studying, shift work”
Length of time and busy lives
Ease with taking capsules (probiotics or placebo) Exemplar quotes from questions
Side effects “Put off food”
“Felt tired after taking the capsules”
Compliance Stopped taking tablets reasons – “put me off food”
“I’m terrible at taking medications”
“I don’t like taking many medications, so I did not take any”
“HUMBA capsules made me fart so I stopped”
Forgetting pills Forgetting to take pills was one of the commonest reasons:
“Due to too many things going on in the family”
“When busy”
“Missed tablets when there was discontinuation of usual pills eg, folic acid”
“Shifted homes therefore missed the last week of capsules”.
Change in motivation “Beginning easy, later became a bit lazy”
Easy “No issues”
“Small and don’t taste bad”
“Not hard to take”
“Took it with iron and potassium tablets”
“Routine, had a reminder on phone”
“Helped to stop snacking”
Partner support “Husband was worried about side effects”; one replied that the partner was not aware of the study.
Recommending HUMBA capsules Exemplar quotes from questions
If it improves health of mothers and babies “Easy to take and if beneficial, it makes sense”
”Better to help one another”
“Thought of it improving my health and baby’s health is an encouragement” ”
HUMBA messages Exemplar quotes from questions
Reasons for not using messages “Didn’t really read them”
“I was already eating healthily and doing lots of exercise, so the messages didn't make any difference. In fact, I found them a little too basic and almost condescending”
Undertaking the OGTT Exemplar quotes from questions
Taste and side effects “Felt sick, nauseated and vomited”
Unpleasant taste: “hated the drink”
"A bit sweet, foul, yuck, revolting, do not like it”
“Worse with morning sickness”
“Tired after taking the drink”
Time taken and personal costs “Took a lot of time”
“Time consuming and long-time”
“Found 2 hours tiring”
“Waiting was hard”
“Did not enjoy 2-hour wait, difficult with kids”
“Could not take time off as antenatal appointments will be unpaid leave”
“Difficulty with finding a sitter and vehicle to be able to go”
Declined “Did not do test as no time to sit for 1-2 hours”
“Unable to take time off to get OGTT done”
“Did not do it: got sick twice at time with having morning sickness”
Extra tests and lab error. “Didn’t like extra tests, the lab clinic got it wrong at first”
Those who had no issues “Have done it before; found it straightforward”
“Did not mind and curious to find out results”
“No trouble, easy and time to relax”