Intervention Class Causal impact Need
Personal Protective Equipment (Facemasks, Gloves) Transmissibility Reduction (Reduce infectiousness of contacts) Prevent worst-case shortages
Improved hygiene (Handwashing, cough etiquette, food preparation, etc.) Transmissibility Reduction (Reduce infectiousness of contacts) Education (most effective approaches and techniques) worst-case supply shortages (soap or alcohol based hand cleaners, cleaning agents.)
Changing Norms (Self-Isolation, Personal distance, Reduced crowding) Exposure Reduction (Reduce number and intensity of contacts) Education, Behavioral Change
Targeted professions / activities (Restaurant workers, personal care providers, teachers) Transmissibility and Exposure Reduction (Reduce exposure to / from most likely and highest consequence vectors) Planning
Home supportive care Impact Mitigation (Reduce lethality / intensity of infection) Education, Supplies
Planning and resilience Impact Mitigation (Reduce impact, prevent secondary breakdowns) Planning, Education