Physical equipment Clinical practice Outcomes of oxygen therapy
Availability of oxygen Materials used to modify oxygen flow/content/pressure Patient interface devices Monitoring equipment `Maintenance and Repair Feasibility Initiation Monitoring Cessation ROP
Systematic Data Availability of oxygen in institutions -payment system Oxygen blender availability Monitoring equipment availability -Neonatal pulse oximetry probes Frequency of SpO2 monitoring ROP prevalence region-wide including neonates treated at lower level facilities
Institutional Level Data Payment systems for neonatal oxygen therapy Low-cost oxygen blender development Maintenance and repair plan for oxygen therapy equipment Quality improvement initiatives to assure optimal numbers of neonates are treated Quality improvement initiative to assure effective monitoring of therapy Quality improvement initiatives to decrease the prevalence of ROP at a particular institution
Guidelines List of equipment necessary to safely administer neonatal oxygen therapy Optimal initiation criteria for oxygen therapy in neonates Frequency of SpO2 monitoring Optimal cessation criteria for oxygen therapy in neonates