Author Reference Year Location Health Care Facility (n=) Conclusions
Southern Asia:
Kumar 2011 India Tertiary Care Hospital (1) Infants were weaned from NIPPV once stable at minimum settings for 12 hours, no mention of trial on ambient air
Sathar 2017 India Referral Hospital (1) Goal SpO2 between 93-95% during therapy, pulse oximetry monitoring was continuous
Rohit 2014 India NICU (1) nCPAP started at FiO2 of .4 for neonates with RDS and GA < 37 weeks
Sub-Saharan Africa:
Heuvel 2011 Malawi Main Referral Hospital in Country (1) Of 25 children overall who met inclusion criteria for CPAP during the 7 wk introductory period of the machine; 5 received therapy due to the machine being unavailable or clinical error; 6 neonates received CPAP whom were eligible for the therapy during the same time period; after introductory period frequency of CPAP use declined – stated protocol to reuse nasal prongs after washing with soap and water follow by an alcohol disinfectant
Adio 2014 Nigeria Tertiary Care Hospital (1) Goal SpO2 of 90-95% reported