Author Reference Year Location Health Care Facility Information on Physical Equipment Obtained
Southern Asia:
Bhatti 2012 India Referral Hospital (1) bCPAP and jet CPAP with binasal prongs used, gas heated and humidified
Das 2011 Pakistan University Hospital (1) Hood oxygen, nasal prongs, pulse oximeter used
Koti 2009 India Referral Hospital (1) bCPAP with binasal prongs used
Sen 2009 India District Hospital (1) Oxygen concentrator, central oxygen, individual pulse oximeters installed and used
Tagare 2013 India Tertiary Care Hospital NICU (1) bCPAP and vCPAP with binasal prongs used, binasal prongs available in “appropriate” sizes
Sathar 2017 India Referral Hospital (1) Pulse oximeter used
Shah 2015 Nepal NICU - Referral Hospital (1) Method of delivery oxygen hood or mask.
Kandraju 2012 India Level III NICU (1) bCPAP with binasal prongs, hood oxygen used
Rohit 2014 India NICU (1) nCPAP, high flow nasal cannula, pulse oximeter used
Sanghi 2014 India Infants referred from level I and II nurseries Author notes referral hospitals all had a paucity of saturation monitors and oxygen blenders
Sub-Saharan Africa:
Kawaza 2016 Malawi Main Referral Hospital in Country (1) Oxygen concentrator and bCPAP used
Hundalani S.G. 2015 Malawi Main Referral Hospital in Country (1) Oxygen concentrator, bCPAP, pulse oximeter used - notes that “many district hospitals in Malawi do not have flow splitters” – Nasal cannula used
Heuvel 2011 Malawi Main Referral Hospital in Country (1) Oxygen concentrator and air compressor, bCPAP with binasal prongs used and installed - prongs reusable and at least one in neonatal size
Service Provision Assessment 2010 Kenya Nationwide Survey Country-wide survey ̶ 37% of newborn care facilities had oxygen ̶ 75% of hospitals providing newborn care
Adio 2014 Nigeria Tertiary Care Hospital (1) Pulse oximeter used
Northern Africa:
Osman 2015 Egypt University Hospital (1) nCPAP with binasal prongs, blender, flow meter, and humidified and heated HFNC used – binasal prongs available in 5 different sizes
Sa'avu 2014 Papua New Guinea Rural District Hospitals (5) Oxygen cylinders used pre-intervention – Oxygen Concentrators used post-intervention; Flow splitter and monitors installed; Pulse oximeters available only in operation rooms – no hospitals had neonatal probes for pulse oximeters