Food groups Positive attributes Negative attributes How to prepare Under what condition women consume different food groups
Egg Nutritious; Having bad smell form egg Boiled Family’s affordability
Dislike the taste
Good for health; Mothers sacrifices food for child Access at home
Good for pregnancy outcome; Dietary restrictions for pregnancy Omelette Homestead poultry produce
Easier and quicker to prepare. Food taboos - hot food, causes cold and allergy Egg curry Awareness through nutrition BCC
Fish/meat Nutritious. Meat is expensive than fish Fish Curry with vegetables/seeds Seasonal availability
Food taboos- birth of a weak baby Availability in local market
Helps in brain development Food restrictions by local healer Low price
Beneficial for eyesight (ie,small fish) Dislike the smell of the fish Mashed fishes Family’s affordability
Makes body strong Loss of appetite in pregnancy Fries fishes Vendors carry door-to-door;
Appetizer (ie, dry fishes) Husband's food choice get priority Meat Thick curry (bhuna) Access at home
Likes the taste of meat No market access for women. Kababs Homestead poultry produce.
Milk/ milk products Nutritious Causes indigestion Drink without adding water Family’s affordability
Access at home
Beneficial for child health Stomach bloating Homestead livestock produce
Good for pregnancy outcome Eat with rice
Helps to sleep well Card
Not adulterated. Dislikes the smell and taste Yogurt. Advised by doctor
Green leafy vegetables Nutritious Causes vomiting Curry with dry fish Home garden produce
Causes throat itching (ie, arum leaves)
Source of vitamin Causes gastric /acidity problems Available in season
Source of iron (ie, arum leaves) Causes cold and allergy Boiled and mashed Available at local market
Good for eye, health and pregnancy outcome Do not like the smell and taste Stir fried Access at home
Like to eat. No market access for women Adding lemon juice while eating Access to natural sources
Discard the juice while cooking Awareness through nutrition BCC during ANC.
Other vegetables Nutritious Causes vomiting Stir fried. Family’s affordability
Seasonal availability
Source of vitamin Do not like the smell and taste Curry with fish Available at local market
Good for baby Husband's food choice get priority Cooked mixed vegetables Homestead garden produce
Boiled and mashed Access at home
If women’s food choice get priority
Fruits Nutritious Expensive (imported fruits) Eat fresh Family’s affordability
Homestead garden produce
Source of vitamin Do not like Consume with milk and rice Seasonal availability
Good for pregnancy Dislike sourness Available at local market at low cost
Purifies blood Preferred as child food Access at home
Good for health. Not suitable for hot weather (ie, Jackfruit). Gifts from neighbours/ relatives
Mass media awareness (ie,TV)
Legumes Increases breastmilk production Dietary restrictions in pregnancy Mashed after boiling with onions and chilli Family can afford
Expensive Soup Access at home
Reduce vomiting (pregnancy); Fried legumes are good; appetizer (chickpeas) Considered as cold foods Cooked with rice (khichuri)
fried If other foods are not available at home
Nuts/seeds Good appetizer (Til, Tishi); Reduces vomiting. Causes common cold Fried (nuts and beans) Locally produce
Available in local market
Do not like the smell and taste Available in season
Dietary restrictions in pregnancy Dry roasted Family can afford
Prefer to feed child first. Mashed (Til, Tishi, Kalijira) Low price