Year Tobacco control efforts in Ghana
1982 Ban on tobacco advertising
2000 Ghana joined the Global Tobacco Surveillance System (GYTSS). 1st Global Tobacco Youth Survey was conducted.
2002 Ghana became a member of the Quit and Win International Smoking Cessation Program and the Ghana National Tobacco Control Steering Committee was established.
2003 1. The National Steering Committee drafted the first National Tobacco Control Bill for approval.
2. A Demographic and Health Survey for assessing tobacco use among adults.
2004 Ghana signed and ratified the FCTC
2005 1. 2nd National Global Youth Tobacco Survey conducted.
2. Tobacco Bill re-drafted to reflect FCTC provisions for approval.
2006 1. The Ministry of Health issues a directive to ban smoking in all Ministry of Health facilities.
2. The Ministry of Transportation also issued a directive to ban smoking in public and private commercial transport.
3. British American Tobacco closed down its manufacturing company and relocates to Nigeria.
2007 1. The Ministry of Health issued another directive to compel all importers of tobacco products to register their products and comply with the FDA regulatory requirements.
2. The Ministry, the Ghana National Tobacco Control Steering Committee (GNTCSC) and the Ghana Tourist Board reached voluntary agreements with owners of hospitality areas to create smoke-free areas for non-smokers.
2008 1. Ghana Demographic Health Surveys (GDHS) conducted another survey to determine the national tobacco prevalence among adults.
2. The GNTCSC reached an agreement with importers to disclose the content of tobacco products to be imported in Ghana.
2009 1. GYTS conducted another survey to determine tobacco use among the youth.
2. The Ministry of Education developed a School Health Education Policy to promote a healthy lifestyle and prohibit tobacco use by children in educational settings.
3. FDA directed all tobacco products imported into Ghana to have approved health warnings and cover the required sizes.
2010 Ghana hosted the 2nd meeting of the Working Group of the FCTC Article 17 and 18
2011 The Ministry of Health issued an additional directive to mandate the posting of no-smoking signs on the premises of all health facilities.
2012 In October 2012, Ghana adopted a Public Health Act (Act 851 2012) whose provisions in Part 6 are on Tobacco Control Measures.
2014 GDHS conducted in Ghana
2015 Gha The parliament of Ghana approved an increase in tobacco taxes from 150% of the ex-factory to price to 175% passage of the Excise Duty (Amendment) Bill.
2016 Passage of the Tobacco Control Regulations 2016, (L.I 2247) on compliance with pictorial warnings and smoke-free laws in Ghana
2018 Introduction of Pictorial Health Warning and emission statements on tobacco product packages by the FDA, Source document given to tobacco industries for enrollment in 2018.