Interventions should be systemic and coordinated interventions, including[@16558]:
1. Equitable research collaborations with international organisations, favouring institutional international collaboration, beyond personal relationships between individuals.
2. Support and involvement of citizens from the region with international clinical research expertise and leadership.
3. A dedicated clinical research training curriculum. Enhancing and restructuring of the medical curriculum in universities to include clinical research syllabus for undergraduate and graduate studies.
4. Durable local research capacity, including sustainable research networks – clinical Investigation centres, biobanks and core laboratories.
5. Implementation of eHealth, starting with electronic medical records.
6. Setting priorities favouring trials with objectives best aligned with local burden of diseases.
7. Incentivising investments, from international pharmaceutical and biotech companies that would feed into the clinical research culture and infrastructure.
8. Earmarking funding sources dedicated to clinical research capacity building and granting local priority research programs.
9. Creating a favourable environment for local CROs and academic CROs operations.
10. Mandating on-line registration and monitoring of all clinical trials conducted in the Region, ideally using existing international registries ( and/or WHO).