Authors Study location, period Study design Inclusion (months) Population (inclusion criteria) Outcome measure Analysis
Al Zirqi et al, Sep. 2008[@16298] Norway, 1999 – 2004 Multicentric retrospective cohort study 48 Cohort n= 307,415 (SPPH n=3,501) 1: SPPH: >1,500 mL or blood transfusion Multivariate logistic regression
“Medical Birth Registry of Norway”
Briley et al, Feb. 2014[@16300] United Kingdom, 08/2008 - 07/2009 Bicentric prospective
Cohort study
12 Cohort n=10,213-> 9,937
(PPH n=3,349; SPPH n=936)
1: PPH: >500 mL Multivariate logistic regression
2: SPPH: >1,500 mL
(measure not specified)
Deneux-Tharaux et al. Jun. 2010[@16304] France 09/2004 - 11/2005, 09/2005 - 11/2006 Multicentric cluster randomized controlled trial 27 Trial population n=146,781 (SPPH n=2,414) 1: SPPH: blood transfusion, second-line treatment, decrease in Hb≥4 g/dL, ICU transfer, death Multivariate logistic regression (random intercept mixed model)
Pithagore 2: Ratio of SPPH to total number of deliveries
Driessen et al, Jan. 2011[@16305] France, 12/2004 - 11/2006 Multicentric prospective cohort
24 PPH from uterine atony n=4,550
Including SPPH n=952
SPPH: decrease in Hb ≥ 4g/dL Multivariate random-intercept hierarchical logistic regression
Pithagore 6
Dupont et al, May 2014[@16307] France, 12/2005 - 11/ 2006 Multicentric
Prospective cohort study
27 Cohort n=146,781 (PPH n=9,364; SPPH n=2,494 1: PPH: >500mL, decrease in Hb ≥2g/dL, Multivariate logistic regression
Pithagore 6 2: SPPH: >1,000mL, decrease in Hb ≥4g/dL, uterine embolization, uterine surgery, blood transfusion, ICU transfer, death
(measure not standardized)
Gayat et al, Jul. 2011[@16306] France, 01/2004 -12/2005 Monocentric retrospective cohort study 24 PPH n=257 including SPPH n=110 SPPH: uterine embolization, balloon tamponade, pelvic vessel ligation and/or hysterectomy Multivariate logistic regression
Cohort Lariboisière
Marocchini et al, May 2017[@16308] France, 2006-2014 Multicentric rétrospective
Cohort n=156047 including SPPH n=1136 Blood transfusion Multivariate logistic regression
Helman et al, Apr. 2015[@16301] Israel, 07/ 2005- 02/2014 Monocentric case-control (1/4) study 24 n=113,342 (SPPH n=122) SPPH: blood transfusion (5 RBCs) Multivariate logistic regression
“Medical DataBase”
Karlsson et al, Jul. 2015[@16302] Sweden, 06/2013 - 03/2014 Multicentric prospective cohort study 10 n=1,951 (SPPH n=250) SPPH: >1,000mL (measure not specified) Multivariate logistic regression
Kramer et al, Jul. 2013[@16310] Canada, Montreal, USA, Atlanta, 1999 - 2008 Multicentric retrospective cohort study 108 PPH n=240,472, SPPH n=25,906 SPPH: -PPH + blood transfusion, -PPH + hysterectomy and/or blood transfusion and/or uterine surgery, - PPH + uterine surgery w/o hysterectomy and/or blood transfusion Multivariate logistic regression
“NIS Database”
Nyflot et al, Jan.2017[@16299] Norway, 2008-2011 Bicentric retrospective, Case control 48 Population n=43105,SPPH=1064 SPPH: >1,500 mL or blood transfusion Multivariate logistic regression
Paglia et al, 2012[@16303] USA, Durham, 2000 - 2004 Monocentric case-control study 60 n=218 deliveries in the case-control group (12,476 in the source population), PPH n=671 including SPPH n=109 SPPH: PPH + blood transfusion Multivariate logistic regression
“Duke University Medical Center, ICD 9”
Sosa et al, Jun. 2009[@16311] Uruguay, Argentina, 12/10/2003 -12//0/2005 Multicentric prospective cohort 24 Cohort n=11,323 (PPH n=1,221; SPPH n=209) PPH: >500 mL Multivariate cluster logistic regression
Secondary analysis SPPH: >1,000 mL + blood transfusion
(measure not specified)
Tort et al, Nov.2016[@16309] Benin Mali, 2013-2014 Multicentric prospective cohort 17 Cohort:22666,PPH:223,SPPH:88 SPPH:PPH+surgery or blood transfusion or death Multivariate logistic regression