Purpose Exemplars
Result Indicator
Foundational elements These cover a broad array of indicators selected to document and measure understanding the scale up context, putting in place relevant licensing, and putting together staff and systems to execute the program. (1) Equipment procured, government licensing obtained & production hubs established. (1) The product passes quality control evaluation from a designated independent quality assurance auditor.
(2) Workforce mobilized (production, human resources, sales, marketing). (2) Staff trained on product use and are able to demonstrate how to correctly use the MHM2 Innovative Product.
Scale-up These include indicators selected to document and measure the delivery of the program. (1) Deliver product effectively through identified channels. (1) Number of units of product manufactured per month; Number of units distributed by location [country/area] or vendor type.
Outcomes These include indicators selected to document and measure the immediate and intermediate effects of the program (1) Address negative social norms and barriers through sensitizing gatekeepers. (1) Number and type of individuals trained on debunking MHM myths and taboos
Impact These indicators are used to measure the goal of the program (1) Access to a quality and affordable menstrual product (1) Number of beneficiaries’ and groups reporting: Innovative MHM Product is available and accessible to them, by area