Factor Supporting Quotes
The timing of interviews and cost and time commitment required for participation “Yeah, as long as people… It’s not going to cost them. People will talk to you. As long as it doesn’t cost them. They will open up.”
“Yeah people may be interesting [in participating] based on the availability.”
“Depending on the time consumption, he’ll be able to give you his or her time.”
The family’s interest in research and eagerness to help “It would depend on their interest [whether people would agree to participate].”
“I thought it [participating in a study] would be a good forum for me to express myself and be a part of the interview.”
“I thought I would be happy to be part of someone’s success [reason for participating].”
The belief that they may have some gain, monetary or otherwise, in participating “There is a number of people who wants to be involved in such kind of studies because most of the Kenyans are interested in going abroad so anything to do with abroad they will be very much interested…”
“There are also some people who are monetary motivated in that they have some kind of cash at the end and then they are willing to give you their time.”
Mistrust or fear of repercussions if they participate “Maybe others might think it is something malicious or someone is going to follow them up so then somebody might not agree [to participate]... or if they think it’s something that is not genuine.”
“Maybe they [families back home] have in mind that there will be some kind of follow up activities that may affect their families or something as such…”
Data collection
Which family members are interviewed “Like I think if you talk to my brother in law, he may not say bad things about my daughter because that’s the brother’s kid, but I’m sure if you talked to my sister in law, she would give you different thoughts because she even got angry with me.”
“Sometimes it’s good to get different members of the family, just to have a view of what they think. Look for people so you can have several parents, brothers…mothers in law [to participate], so a variety of people…”
How questions are asked and family dynamics “So it depends on how you ask the question… then you will get some negative…”
“People feel good and say good things if they are benefitting from that person, but if they’re not benefitting then I’m not sure, what exactly what kind of things they will say…”
Participation and data collection
The emotions (sadness, distress) that interview questions may evoke “I don’t think the families would refuse. But there is an element of emotion that could come in particularly if you get a family who has lost their son or their relatives for a very long time and they are somehow disturbed about it.”
Privacy concerns “…somebody doesn’t want to comment about his family affairs. Family affairs remains family affairs. He doesn’t want to divulge it to other parties that are not family members.”