Which School/Department do you work in?
Describe any undergraduate courses you teach related to global health.
What are the names of the courses you teach related to global health?
Which students (undergraduate, master’s, certificate, health professional) are able to register for your course(s)?
Are there pre-requisites required for your course(s)?
How many students are in each of your courses?
Are there assigned textbooks for the course(s)? If yes, what are the titles and author names of the textbooks?
Do you assign journal articles/reports to your students? If you do, can you share 2-3 examples of articles/reports you require your students read?
What core competencies and/or skills do you want students to gain from your course(s)?
For an undergraduate global health program, which competencies do you think students should master by the time they graduate?
The Association of Schools and Programs in Public Health (ASPPH) has developed a set of core competencies in Global Health for Master’s level students. Are there competencies or sub-items on this list (show Global Health Competency model from ) that jump out at you as most important for undergraduate programs in global health?
Are there ASPPH competencies for specific courses in global health (show Global Health Competency model from )?
Are there any other faculty members we should interview for this study that you can recommend?