A Asthma (Dutch: Astma). Is it asthma, what type of asthma and is it only asthma?
B Bronchial triggers (Blootstelling). Allergens and irritants causing symptoms
C Asthma control (Controle). How to assess and monitor asthma control
D Device (Device). Which device and how to use it?
E Exacerbations (Exacerbaties). How to prevent, detect and treat exacerbations
F Pharmacotherapy (Farmacotherapie). Which types of medication for which individual patient
G General behaviour (Gedrag). How does behaviour and lifestyle influence asthma and how to modify it
H Help (Hulp). Strengthen the knowledge and determine who can aid a patient in disease management
I Individualised care plan (Individueel Zorg Plan). How to create and use a self-management plan for each individual patient